Our Corporate Social Responsibility

After  many  years  of  a  successful commitment towards the fight against HIV/Aids,  Rogers Aviation has been following the footsteps of Rogers Group by  allocating its devotion to a new CSR orientation: the protection of the Mauritian Coastal Ecosystem.


A project planned between 2013 and 2018 with the following ambitions:


1.   A project plan in line with Maurice Ile Durable (MID)
To ensure that our commitment to protect Mauritius’ coastal ecosystem is  in  line with Maurice Ile Durable; a national action plan to make Mauritius one model of sustainable development.


2.   Strategy Orientation
To  develop  and  implement  strategies having an orientation towards biodiversity conservation.


3.    Impact Assessment and Measurement
To  assess and measure the outcomes of the coastal protection program and readjust accordingly.


Since  2013,  Rogers  Aviation has been acting on the prevention of Coastal and  Marine pollution by spreading awareness of the importance of recycling towards its employees and customers.


Additionally,  educating  youth  on  the  protection of the environment has been,  and  will  continue  to  be, strong initiatives in order to ensure a long-lasting and healthier environment for following generations.


Besides  educating  its stakeholders about the importance of protecting the environment,  Rogers  Aviation  continuously devotes itself to reducing its environmental  footprint  with  the  support  from an effective Environment Management Program.